K John Public School, Pipla, Besa Road, Nagpur - 440034

Montfort Education Society

Montfort Education Society

Director's Welcome,

The Montfort educational society was established in 2005 with a view to impart holistic education to the people of Nagpur and particularly Saoner.​ The founder DR. K.V. John and Co-founder Dr. Paul Varghese are two outstanding educationalists who are committed to providing quality education at affordable cost. 

The society evolved from a vision to spread the modern education to the inner part of India and to impart world class education to the local people. At K. John's we believe that a child is the product of hereditary and environment. If we provide conducive environment, any child can be improved and will be able to achieve his/her full potential. This is the reason why we do not just educate but train them to be leaders and prepare them to face the challenges of the future. Our teachers not only educate but also provide guidance and pastoral care to the students throughout their time here and after. 

K Johns   always stands out from the rest, in its capacity to adapt to the challenges and changes that take place in the modern world of education. We are the only CBSE School in Saoner that could bring out outstanding results consecutively for the past 7 years.  Our toppers have gained access to many prestigious educational institutions in the country and outside to pursue their academic and career ambitions. We ensure quality in our curriculum by constant training and supervision over the teachers and continuous evaluation of the student’s performances. The students are also trained in co-curricular activities such as singing, dancing, art, sports, athletics and martial arts etc.

We assure you that your children will receive quality education with parental care and guidance from day one of their term  here and enjoy the journey of  learning.​


Paul K.V.